Aisha Diandra Visual Arts

Atrocity Burlesque

"A sadistic soap opera of sex, violence and insanity designed to confront and captivate- ATROCITY is a black journey into the mind of man. Combining shock performance with song, dance and the art of wicked tease, its a theatrical experience unlike any other, which haunts you long after the final curtain. 
ATROCITY is a contemporary return to the famed Theatre du Grand Guignol that shocked Paris audiences in the 1900's. Though set in the red light district of the Moulin Rouge, the shows were frequented by the socially elite. It was the most popular form of live entertainment of its time and ran successfully for 60 years. 
Now it's back in the 21st century, cloaked in cabaret and burlesque form to deliver a potent level of visceral and cerebral entertainment to Melbourne Fringe Festival audiences."