Aisha Diandra Visual Arts

Memento Mori

Memento Mori means "remember your mortality" in Latin. The phrase refers to a genre of artwork with a theme of reminding people of their mortality and that to "remember you must/will die."

This series was done as part of my final folio for university which was comprised of 5 different but related photographic series. Memento Mori was the third series in the theme, and was intended to act as a sort of transitional piece between two parts of the folio. 
The first two series were more scientifically based and real, while the final two series were related to dreams, abstract concepts, spiritual beliefs, and surreal subjects.

The combination of the two mediums in Memento Mori represents the combination of two different elements or realities - the actual world & consciousness (photography) versus the unreal & unconscious dreamworld (drawing).

In a way it is a twist on the idea of memento mori, instead of suggesting "remember your mortality", it suggests "remember your reality.".