Aisha Diandra Visual Arts


psy·che [sahy-kee] noun

1. Classical Mythology . a personification of the soul,
which in the form of a beautiful girl was loved by Eros.
2. the human soul, spirit, or mind.
3. Psychology, Psychoanalysis, the mental or psychological
structure of a person, especially as a motive force.
4. Neoplatonism . the second emanation of the One,
regarded as a universal consciousness and as the
animating principle of the world.

The PSYCHE series is a conceptual series that combines ideas and themes from the Eastern belief of Chakras - energy centres in the body, as well as psychologist Carl Jung's theory of archetypes and individuation. 

In this series, each Chakra corresponds with one of Jung's archetypes, using the symbolism, colours, and associated body parts and themes.