Aisha Diandra Visual Arts


Swiss psychologist Carl Jung believed that what is seen in a dream reveals information about one's self, relationships with others, and present situations. He believed that different parts of our personality are revealed in the form of archetypal characters. This series deals with two of the main archetypes studied in Jungian dream analysis: The Persona & The Shadow.

The Persona (Latin for 'mask') is how one presents themselves to the world. It represents the impression one wants to give to people, as well as hiding their true nature. It is similar to the Ego - the conscious mind and one's sense of self, which can appear in many different forms.

The Shadow will appear in dreams as someone or something unrecogniseable, often standing behind the dreamer. It represents an individual's neglected personality - the repressed ideas, weaknesses, desires, and instincts. It is amoral and animalistic, but neither evil nor good, and represents chaos, wilderness, and the unknown. In dreams it is seen as a negative presence - someone we dislike, fear, or envy, but are unable to ignore.