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Unleashed 2019

Pole Divas Unleashed 2019

Pole Divas’ annual in-house student pole dance competition is the final competition following in-studio heats from five different Pole Divas studios.
Held at the Clocktower Centre in Moonee Ponds, it is the most anticipated event for Pole Divas. I was given the opportunity to shoot backstage and from side stage on the night, acting as a backup photographer.
It was also my first time being a competitor in Unleashed, so special thanks goes to Kikki Creative for taking over shooting for the Elite Division as I prepared to go on stage.


opening show - Pole Divas Instructors

Choreographed by Mischka & Angelique, Featuring Bella, Shae, Seren, Anna, Gracie, Caz, Veronica, Tania, Mischka, Lorien, Pip, Stace, Mich, Kristy, Nik, Alicia, Dee Dee, Emma, Maddy, Allira, Jessica, Kennetta, Franny, Lauren


BeginnerS division

Lyze - creme bruleena - sallie cinnamon - sam p - Kat Kelly - Kimberly-Jane


Intermediate division

Salem - Gabby - Bonnie - Liz - Samantha - Reggie - Maddi


Advanced division

Miss Pussy Galore - Nitz - Bekavie - Lorisa - J.Em - Little Miss Jaye - Sally Tea - Bree English - (Not So) Magic Ike


doubles division

Maddie & Mel - Jenerica - Stalice - Jayessque


Elite division

Jackie Chang - Kristee - Jade - Casey Taylor - Jill Stef - Kate - Carey - Jay - Aisha Phantasma - Jess A

Photography by Kikki Creative, post-processing/editing by Aisha Diandra Visual Arts.


Closing Show - Miss Filly feat. Jayessque