Aisha Diandra Visual Arts

Artist Bio



Aisha is mostly self-taught in drawing, photography, graphic design, and various crafts. Raised in the surreal grungy metropolis of Jakarta, where beauty and ugliness collides, and these themes often make an appearance in Aisha's work.

Drawing was Aisha's first creative outlet, and while it was a hobby for many years while she primarily worked as a photographer, it has now become her focus, although she will still jump at any opportunity to take photos as it will always remain a passion.
Despite many years of experience with drawing and photography, Aisha is always keen to further improve and develop her style and work, and strives to practice with new subjects and media when possible.

Aisha is currently most recognised for her pole dance drawings and has been a sponsor for multiple pole competitions, including Miss Pole Dance Australia.

Aisha graduated from Jakarta Intercultural School and began university at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in the US, where she studied fashion, drawing, photography, and some graphic design before transferring to RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at RMIT, where she also took electives in Painting, Alternative Photographic Processes, and Forensics.

Aisha is based in Melbourne, Australia.